Rossouw Meat Purveyors - Restaurant Supplier

We at Rossouw Meat have been delivering to restaurants for more than 8 years, we currently deliver to some of the top franchises and independent restaurants in South Africa, most of our clients have been with us for longer than 5 years. We strive to deliver only the finest quality product to our clients, with client serve being of the highest priority. Our Rump & Sirloin is aged for a minimum of 21 days for that perfect tender steak.

We work with a costing system that only increase in price when our carcass price increases, with no increases when our demand picks up. This allows for more constant pricing structures allowing you the restaurant client to have much more control over your menu costing. We also strive to give the best possible pricing over festive seasons and insure that we always supply and always deliver.

We only close religious holidays so you know we are there to be your partner in the quiet and busy times!

Why choose Rossouw Meat Purveyors as your Meat Supplier Partner:

  • Personal Client Service
  • Only the best quality products delivered to your establishment
  • Matured Steaks
  • Food Safety a priority
  • Expert advice and service
  • Quality management system


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Rossouw Meat Purveyors

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 New York Steak (Dry Aged)