Rossouw Meat Purveyors - Canteen Meat Supplier

We cater to the individual requirements of canteens. We know that in these very busy often budget constrained environments there is a very thin line between giving the best quality product that will fit into your unique budgetary requirement. We stock a large array of products that are a perfect fit for canteen cooking, we cater to the high end canteen to the budget canteen but still sticking to our high standards in quality and hygiene.

Specific requirements include:

  • Constant product sizing (with all canteen visitors being offered a equal size item when ordering the same product)
  • Able to deliver large volume product packed in easy to handle sizes
  • Product boxed for easy handling and storage
  • Able to comply with Food Safety standards
  • Proper communication, keeping you up to date on all factors that affect your delivery.
  • Still a personal service experience. Don't be just a number.
  • Assistance with alternatives when a product is out of stock.


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Rossouw Meat Purveyors

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