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At Rossouw Meat Purveyors we understand that running a butchery in our modern climate offers unique challenges. In butcheries today margins are under increased pressure and finding the correct balance when buying whole carcasses can be a everlasting battle. Finding the space in ever increasing retail lease costs can also be a challenge.

We offer to the best primals deboned in our state of the art deboning facility under the best hygiene and cold chain environments, this gives you as butcher the perfect product that is "one cut away" from serving to your customers, allowing for better space management and allowing for a easy straight forward costing. It also removes the headache of managing the fat and bones involved in deboning meat.

  • All boneless primals are shrink vacuumed and boxed or packed in crates.
  • All primals are delivered in boxes or returnable crates according to customer specification.
  • All A-Grade primal cuts are A2/3 fat quantity giving you no excess fat needs to be trimmed off.
  • We offer personalised service.
  • Primals include : Rump, Sirloin, Fillet, Trimmings (Crops), Topside, Silverside, Thick Flank (Knuckle), Soft Fat, etc. (see full list under products)
  • We offer different trims , contact us for more information.


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